Lombok Travel Diary


After spending some time in Bali, my boyfriend and I travelled to Lombok – Bali’s neighbour island. Our first impression was that it is definitely not as built up or touristy as Bali which we really liked. We first stayed in Kuta, a town in the South hosting some amazing beaches and a very chilled surfer scene. Mawun Beach was one of my favourites, with it’s white sand and crystal water.



We hired a moped and drove up into the mountains on afternoon, stopping off at Ashtari Lounge for lunch and an insanely nice view of the island. You can see for miles from the little restaurant. Another highlight was climbing the hills on the coast and watching the sunset over the sea. Many people had the same idea as it was quite crowded but definitely worth the short hike up to see the beaches from above and catch the sun go down.



Kuta definitely isn’t short of good restaurants – we ate in a Moroccan place called El Bazar and the restaurant opposite called KRNK which were both really great. But the best meal by far was the fish that we caught ourselves. We hired a fishing boat for the morning and went out with two local guys which was my first experience of fishing and a lot of fun! We also had the bonus of leaving at 6am and catching a beautiful sunrise from the boat.



After a few days in Kuta, we travelled North and stayed in a little town called Tanjung. From there we got a fast-boat to Gili Air for the day and also explored Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep waterfalls. It seemed to be really busy the day we went to the waterfalls but it was a really fun experience scrambling over rocks and wading through rivers to get to them – definitely a must! We also visited Gangga waterfall and Tiu Pituq, which is the viewpoint from above. A driver from our hotel took us there which was a bonus because it didn’t seem to be well known to tourists so it was pretty secluded. We had such an amazing time discovering the beautiful island that is Lombok and I would 100% go back in a heartbeat!



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