The Gili Islands




The Gili Islands are super popular with people visiting Indonesia, and after spending a good few days there this summer, I can definitely see why. Each one has a unique vibe to it, but all share beautiful coastlines and a really chilled out feel. After exploring Bali and Lombok, my boyfriend and I got a boat across to the islands. First of all, we spent a day on Gili Air which was my favourite of the three. We hired some snorkelling gear and went for a swim, where we met two sea turtles!! The water was crystal clear, it was amazing to see them so close up in the wild.


It’s such a beautiful place and so nice to just walk around exploring. We ate at some really great places, including Pachamama Organic Café and Mowie’s Bar, where we sat on the beach with good food and drinks watching the sun go down.




The next island we visited was Gili Trawangan, which is known as the party island, so we stayed for a few nights. It’s full of good bars, beaches and restaurants and was super busy with tourists coming and going. During the day we chilled at some of the beach bars and did some more snorkelling, although because the sea was always busy with people, it didn’t feel quite the same as on Gili Air. Again, we ate at some amazing restaurants. My favourites were Kayu Café, which serves insane breakfasts and the popular smoothie bowls, and Pituq Café, which does the best vegan food I’ve ever tasted! At night it definitely wasn’t difficult to find a bar full of people – everyone seemed to be there for a good time which was really fun.


We also went to Gili Meno, which is the smallest and most quiet island. Apart from a few good beach bars, a lake and a small turtle sanctuary, Gili Meno doesn’t have much else, although it was still nice to explore and relax there – the views from the beaches are just as stunning as the other two islands! After the Gili’s, we spent one more night in Bali and then it was time to leave Indonesia, but it’s been one of my favourite trips so far, so I’ll definitely be back soon!


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