The Gili Islands

The Gili Islands are super popular with people visiting Indonesia, and after spending a good few days there this summer, I can definitely see why. Each one has a unique vibe to it, but all share beautiful coastlines and a really chilled out feel. After exploring Bali and Lombok, my boyfriend and I got a boat across to the [...]

Lombok | Indonesia

  After four nights in Bali (and a 25 minute flight on the tiniest plane I’ve ever been on), my boyfriend and I landed in Lombok. Taking a taxi through the island to our hotel in Kuta was a great way to see how the locals live, as we passed their traditional villages and markets. [...]

Bali | Indonesia

Earlier this summer, my boyfriend and I packed our bags and set off to explore Indonesia for a few weeks. Neither of us had been before so it was a first-time thing for both of us and we definitely weren’t disappointed. After two nights stop-over in Bangkok, Bali was our first destination. Initially we stayed [...]